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Art review

Experimenting with a wide variety of materials to express the ideas she explores, artist Yvonne Krystman?s work rejects any conventional classification regarding its style, to address the viewers to a multilayered visual experience. In her Art of the Heart series she successfully attempts to trigger the spectatorship?s perceptual parameters, with a deeper focus on a complementary dialogue between materiality, content, the exhibition space and the encounter with the viewers.

One of the most impressive aspects of Krystman?s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of inquiring into the liminal area where the abstract and the figurative find an unexpected still consistent point of convergence. Her works convey a coherent sense of unity, that rejects any conventional classification. What has at once captured our attention of her artistic inquiry is the way she provided the visual results of her analysis with autonomous aesthetics.

She is a versatile artist: she use a wide variety of unconventional materials and the spectrum ofher artistic interests covers a whole range of topics rather than one single working style. Asshe remarked in her artist?s statement, she does not agree with society wanting us to define ourselves and she want to remain happily, positively undefined.

Over the years her works have been showcased in several occasions, including her recent solo exhibitions at Art for Acts Gallery in Fort Myers as well as being part of a group show at some prestigious venues like Aqua Miami (satellite show to Miami Basel) and Orlando Museum of Art, to name the few.

Excerpts from an interview by Josh Ryders, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator at Peripheral ARTeries Contemporary Art Review